Spring Water

Mount Aqua is of the highest premium quality spring water bottled at the source in Australia at Kulnara in Sydney's Central coast.

Our bottling process is HACCP Certified by Quality Assurance Systems 

Mount Aqua Spring Water is one of the purest waters available on the market.

Spring Water is bottled at the source under strict quality control in 100% recyclable bottles.

Pure Spring Water tastes great, and helps our bodies eliminate toxins, carcinogens and dangerous metals.

Nutritional Ingredients

  • Calcium: is the most prevalent mineral in our bodies and is essential for maintenance of healthy teeth and bones.
  • Magnesium: essential for healthy muscle tone and for well balanced nerve functions. It also aids in the metabolism of Calcium and Vitamin C.
  • Potassium: benefits muscle building and promotes energy.

Taste Ingredients

  • Sodium: is essential to human life. It aids in the functioning muscles and nerves.
  • pH: is a term used to indicate whether water is acidic or alkaline. Mount Aqua Spring Water is "neutral" with a pH level of 7.7.
  • Chlorides: contribute to the osmotic activity of body fluid.
  • Bicarbonates: are a digestive acid 

Pack Information

600ml -    
  12 pack wrap 126 per pallet
  24 pack wrap  60 per pallet
  24 carton  60 per pallet
1.5ltr -    
  6 pack wrap 96 per pallet
  12 pack carton 48 per pallet
350ml -    
  24 pack wrap 91 per pallet
  24 carton 91 per pallet